Dish for you|fer life cuisine

is a Food and Lifestyle channel hosted and curated by Jennifer Tsang.

Jen was first introduced to cooking by her grandparents and her mon at primary school.Her grandparents are from china and her mon is from hong kong.everyday after school she will bring her to wet market to buy fresh foods and she will stand next to her when she prepare the meals, she had learned a lot of culinary skill from them.

In high school, she fall in love with western food as Boeuf Bourguignon and pasta ,especially because there have a TV show the chef Jamie Oliver. So she spent continuously researching recipes and inspiration at the library and the newspaper.

Since she met her husband, her world was opened.She is from Hong Kong and Her husband is from France, They exchanged their culture and food. They like different types of dishes, especially Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai..Her family would often provide feedback on her dishes, that make her skill growing up.

Jen currently resides with her husband and RIZ in South of France 06 Area.



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